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About Lysette Offley

Known as The Head Fixer, I have been described as:

"..a multi-talented lady who, aside from being a practising Cognitive Hypnotherapist, is a  Learning Specialist, Teacher, Trainer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Broadcaster, Presenter, Author and App Developer.”

I have two aspects to my business whose common denominator is about working more effectively with your brain to get even better results: Sounds Positive and this one, Genius Material.

Sounds Positive is  about facilitating personal development through one-to-one sessions or group events, privately or at work.

Through Genius Material, I specialise in teaching teenagers and professionals how to revise – the process of getting information into the brain and keeping it there for future retrieval.  

With both businesses, I've taken full advantage of modern technology to produce indispensable apps, webinars and online training and learning.

On my third website, Lysette Offley, you'll find all my articles and more about what makes me tick!

I guess that just about covers it!

Sometimes I'm invited to talk about my work in the media, and I'm always happy to do so, when I can fit it in. I figure, the more people who know that change is available to them, the more people will make positive changes to their lives.

And that's got to be a good thing!

© 2021 by Lysette Offley & Genius Material

Member of the FSB
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