I can help you pass Diploma and Chartered Financial exams easily
Why are we here? A lot of people know that for a long time I’ve been helping financial advisers pass[...]
How bad is your memory?
How bad is your memory exactly? Do you need to be Brain of Britain to pass your exams? German psychologist,[...]
The Power of Association using The Link Method
Here's what you need to know about the Link Method If you’ve ever had a spontaneous thought, triggered by something[...]
Write less, remember more!
Did you know that if you write less, you'll remember more? Well, it’s true! In fact, some therapists encourage their[...]
How to use highlighters to remember what you’re learning
Want to know how to use highlighters to remember what you’re learning? Highlighting the challenge Who likes to use highlighters[...]
How to make notes your brain will remember for the exam and beyond
Want to know how to make notes your brain will remember? We all know we need to make notes when[...]
How do you learn best?
How do you tailor your revision to the way that your brain prefers to process information? Knowing how makes life[...]
How to be a better learner
I’m often asked how I can help people pass their exams, and usually by people who have failed the same[...]
10 Tweaks to a Better Memory
Most of us wish we had a better memory. I'm assuming that at least from time to time, you make[...]
Why you should ditch the computer and make revision notes by hand
Especially these days, when we are so dependent on our trusty computers both for finding information and also for filing[...]
Learning is fun! Or is it?
Remember when learning was fun? Building castles in the sand pit, sloshing water from one container to another in the[...]
How to remember what you’ve learned
If you've been reading my previous articles you’ll already know how to remember what you've learned, and will also be[...]
Fixed mindset -v- growth mindset
Are you fixed? Why do toddlers happily fail to walk, and when they fall over, simply get up and have[...]
The secret of speedy revision
Want to know the secret of speedy revision? Yeah, me too! Only kidding! What do we already know about revising?[...]
4 easy things to improve your memory by 10%
Don’t you just love it when science comes right out and verifies what we already know! According to research (and to[...]
How to remember stuff
When you’ve worked hard to get information in your head, it makes sense to do what it takes to keep[...]
How to get laser-sharp mental focus
No, it's not just you, many of us are sleeping less and less these days. It seems to be a[...]
How keeping going keeps you going
... towards your goal. And what it costs to get you there... I think we've inadvertently done our kids a disservice.[...]
Giving it the swerve!
Having to swerve and brake violently to avoid running over my second snake when cycling by the river, I was curious[...]
Bloom’s Taxonomy and how it helps us learn
In 1956, a group of educational psychologists, headed by Benjamin Bloom, classified the various levels of intellectual behaviour observed when[...]
How to make learning a healthy obsession
In one ear and out the other! Ever noticed you have selective hearing for the stuff you're interested in while[...]
8 facts about memory
1. Forgetting helps you learn! How? Well just imagine if you never forgot anything. How on earth would you sort[...]
Keep calm and carry on revising!
How annoying is it when people tell you to keep calm and carry on revising? Possibly not at all, if[...]
What’s the easiest way to remember more?
Simple! Pay attention to what time you study. Loads of experiments have shown that by simply taking a quick nap[...]
Improve your mood, improve your RO2 grades
So here’s the last exercise, I promised you last week, that will help you use the information you’ve gathered so[...]
What sort of revision notes should you make?
We all process, store and retrieve information differently. And we all need to find the best way to revise for[...]

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